How to Choose between a Window and Split Air Conditioner?

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Choosing the best air conditioner and the right model can be challenging. You might ask, what size do I need? How much will it cost to run and how do I find the most reliable air conditioner? However, before you decide what is the best air conditioner suited to your needs, it’s important to make sure you know exactly what is the best shop and the quality they have offered. Below, we will explain how to choose the right air conditioner for your home.

What is a Window Air Conditioner?

The window air conditioners are intended for small rooms and can be mounted with a window space. They are quite pocket-friendly and the maintenance cost is low-priced. They typically come in a single unit where one face is installed inside and the other is installed outside the panel of your house. Normal windows could easily have the air conditioners mounted in less than a day.

They require little or no maintenance, and their function is economical for most households on a global basis. They are reliable machines, which can change the temperature in your room in a matter of minutes and can also reduce the levels of humidity in your room. This is the reason why most householders are opting for this type of air conditioning since the dissolution of the humidity problem takes away the heating.

A window-mounted air conditioner provides a great solution in many instances, it somehow requires the existence of an external condenser and a compressor which are both situated inside the external unit of your house. These are very noisy machines that can disturb you when operating for a long period of time, especially during the summer months. Overall, the window air conditioning unit is an excellent semi-permanent and cost-effective option for your home.

What is a Split System Air conditioner?

Split system air conditioner units are the most popular air conditioners. They are too mounted on the wall and are typically used for large rooms as their cooling capacity is absolutely high. As the name suggests “split” comes in two pieces, the head unit, and condenser.

The head unit sits high on the internal wall of your room while the external condenser sits on the external wall of your home and connected by a series of electrical and plumbing pipes and cables.

They do not require windows for installing and it usually comes with a condenser and a compressor. The compressor is placed in the outdoor unit while the evaporator is placed inside the unit which cools the room.

Window AC or Split AC: A Quick Guide on Choosing The Best Quality Air Condition


Air Conditioning is a smart investment for your precious home that you will enjoy for years to come. People always think about the fact of whether it is good to buy a Split AC or a Window AC. Well, it depends on what you exactly want in your house and if it will match the modern setup of your room. Some of us prefer Split AC as they complement the modern construction or design of our house but some strongly prefer Window AC as the best choice for air conditioning. Therefore, what are the factors that we must consider before buying an Air Condition?

Now, we will guide you towards buying the right kind of Air Conditioner based on few factors so let us earn how to confidently choose the perfect air conditioner for your home with this comprehensive guide.

With the comprehensive introduction above about both Air Conditioner, we will now compare it and reveal which one will be a better choice for those who are planning to buy one to completely make their home and offices comfortable.


Split AC comes in various colors and patterns that can change the entire look of your room while Window AC is constrained to one color which is generally white. Installing a split AC always requires the help of an experienced technician and also incurs extra installation charges. If you are staying in an apartment or in a small space, it is always not a good idea to install a Split AC and they are not even portable. On the other hand, Window ACs are easy to install and do not require any added charges. Plus, they are portable which makes it easy to move from one place to another.

Cooling Power

Split AC is exactly designed for larger rooms as they keep the potential to cool a room faster while Window ACs look compact and are best suited for small rooms.


When it comes to noise, Split ACs produce little noise at all whereas Window ACs produce extreme noise, and as Window ACs work against the window, they produce noise. Therefore, for office space or even to complement your modern home design, split AC is a perfect choice for your space.


Window AC is a typically low-maintenance electronic good that is quite simple in terms of service as all components are closely designed. On the other side, Split AC requires servicing maintaining a proper time interval with help of some expert or professional and when it comes to troubleshooting, Split AC is way more critical than a Window AC.

How To Choose The Right Air Conditioner For Your Room

To choose the right air conditioner for your precious room you will need to consider the following factors:

  1. Local climate – In Australia, lots of us live in a humid climate. This means that you need to choose an air conditioner that works best and to keep your area cool, resulting in an increase in energy consumption. It also means that in regions of the country where the humidity is typically high and certain types of air conditioners are effectively useless. For example, evaporative coolers are not good in high humidity due to excess moisture forming inside the air conditioning unit. For high humidity areas, a refrigerated system would be a better option for cooling.
  2. Number of Rooms would like to cool – Choosing a unit to cool a single room is greatly simple. However, if you would like to cool multiple rooms this requires extensive consideration. Window or split units are a good choice for cooling a single room.
  3. Room size and layout – It is necessary to choose an air conditioner with the correct cooling output or capacity for space. Selecting an air conditioning unit that is the wrong capacity for the size of the room may not only result in poor performance but also increased energy use and operating costs. It can also reduce the lifespan of the system. Natural light, insulation, ceiling height, and roof type play a role in determining the correct capacity for an air conditioner. A qualified contractor or installer will inform you what type of unit and size will be best suited to your room.
  4. Energy efficiency – Initially, high-efficiency units may cost more to buy but you can easily pay over a few years through lower running costs. The energy efficiency of air conditioners sold in Australia is ranked by an energy star rating labeling scheme. The higher the star, the more efficient the unit. Aside from that, the label also gives an estimate of the annual electricity consumption.
  5. The noise of the system – Some air conditioners can create extreme internal noise that may interfere with your sleep or conversation. Evaporative coolers give a higher inside noise than refrigerated air conditioners, especially at higher fan speeds. Ducted or split systems tend to be peaceful due to the remoteness of the operating components.
  6. Reliability – Reliability is a key consideration in choosing the best air conditioner. As with most expensive appliances, it pays to stick with a well-established and durable brand. Just look for lengthy warranty periods and a company that has a reputation for good after-sales service.
  7. Design – Consider the amount of space you have at home whether it will be the suitable and the best area to install an AC.

Where do you need an air conditioning expert?

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