How to Stay Cool and Not Overworked your AC During Summer

Posted by jaimin

Keeping your Australian home cool during the summer months is very important in staying comfortable. It is during this time that your air conditioner has to work overtime to keep you and your family safe and comfortable from the high temperature. This will ultimately put a lot of wear and tear on our AC unit. When an AC is starting to degrade, constant AC repair is needed and this could cost a huge amount of money. The harder your AC unit works, the faster the reduction of your unit’s lifespan. It is tough to balance your AC usage and comfort but it is not impossible. If you follow these tips, we can guarantee an increase in your AC unit’s lifespan.

Regular AC Maintenance

Even before the summer months start, you should get your AC regularly checked. Regular AC maintenance not only prepares your AC for the hot weather ahead, but it can also help locate and correct common AC issues. You can start by cleaning your AC filters every month or have it replaced every few months. Clean filters will allow cool air flow easily.

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Program the Thermostat

Smart Thermostat can reduce the impulse to increase or decrease the temperature. With a set program, your AC will keep you home at a constant temperature and gradually change the temperature a few degrees when you are not at home, saving both your AC unit as well as your electric bill.

Keep from Direct Sunlight

Keep direct sunlight from coming in through the window or skylight as this can elevate the temperature of the room.Keep the curtains and blinds drawn. By keeping your windows covered at peak times, you can significantly lower the temperature up to 20 degrees.

Let Your AC Take a Break

Giving your AC a break once in a while can help your AC from unexpectedly breaking down, at the same time this will also help save energy. There are so many alternative ways that will help you cool down.

  • Avoid overusing appliances that generate heat like hair dryers and ovens.
  • Wear Clothing made from light fabric and colors
  • Drink plenty of water

Plant Shrubbery to Promote Shade 

The best way to keep your home from direct sunlight is by planting trees and shrubbery outside your home. Trees and vegetation can lower the air temperatures by providing shade. Trees and vegetation that directly shade homes can greatly decrease the demand for AC use.


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