Does Coronavirus Spreads Through Air Conditioning?

Posted by jaimin

Everyone is in panic mode. Everyone across the globe are in fear of getting infected with the virus. Covid-19 is transmitted from person to person. It can be between people, one who has come into close contact with the person who is infected with the virus or through fluids or excretions when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

Coronavirus lives on surfaces for 3 days on metal and plastic. Users who touches these surfaces may get infected, though it is said that infections from this type of instances is low.

In a new study published, it was suggested that the virus breaks in a period of a day in cardboards so this can lessen the worries of consumers who frequent deliveries.


Does coronavirus gets transmitted through air conditioning units?

In an article published by Daily Mail on March 7, 2020, it was said that scientists found in a hospital air channel some evidences or traces of the virus that made these scientists consider air conditioning units as an avenue of the spreading.

In a swab analysis in rooms used by 3 patients infected by the virus, it was insinuated that the respiratory illness spreads easier than thought earlier.

An air pipe associated with the room of one of the patients, thought to be just experiencing ‘mellow’ manifestations’, was found with hints of the infection, implying ‘suggests little, infection laden droplets might be displaced airflows and deposited on equipment such as vents’.


Do you still recommend using air conditioning units?

Definitely. In our opinion, as long as everyone is responsible disinfecting the rooms or offices and air conditioning units, you should not be afraid of using your ac. If no one within your circle are showing any signs of infection and you know each other’s travel history or where they go or no one has gotten out the house lately, then it is safe to say that nothing has changed and you can still use it.

HOWEVER, in a recent news and as per what the World Health Organisation (WHO) said, medical staff should consider  “airborne precautions”. It is said that the coronavirus can be caught through the air, ONLY if a person is inside a medical facility. Airborne transmission can only happen in a confined hospital setting.