What You Should Know About Split Air Conditioning

Posted by jaimin

Split Air Conditioning is probably the most common air conditioning system you know as it is mostly what every homes use than ducted system. We don’t say that one is better than the other because it depends on your needs and lifestyle. To know more about which you should install in your homes, it is better to consult your air conditioning specialists.

If you are looking to have a split air conditioning installed in your homes, here are some of the things you should know.


It’s Not for Every Home

As we have said earlier, split air conditioning is not better than ducted system or vice versa, this is because when you plan on installing any type of air conditioning system in your homes, you should consider the size and the plan or outline of your home. If you have a more complicated or complex design, say a home with many levels, it is practical to install a ducted system than split types. That is the reason why consultation is important to know what suits your lifestyle and your home to avoid unnecessary expenses.


Easy to Install

With experienced installers, split air conditioning units can be installed in 3 hours more or less especially with a newly built home as the cables, pipes, etc. can easily be concealed in the walls or ceilings. For an already existing home, you don’t need to worry as installation can also be done effortlessly.


Easy to Maintain

Another thing you should know about split air conditioning is how easily you can maintain it such as cleaning the air filter, fan grille, as well as drenching down the system with an air conditioning spray.  This can also be done by yourself which in return saves you lots of money.


Operates Individually and Cost Effectively

Unlike ducted system, you don’t need to turn on every air conditioning system in your home as you may only need to turn one or two when you require to use it. Therefore it saves you lots of money as they operate individually or independently of each other.