What You Should Know About Ducted Air Conditioning System

Posted by jaimin

We may have left you hanging on our Ducted System Air Conditioning article with the question, why should you consider spending the extra initial investment on ducted system? Here are the reasons why.


Heating and Cooling Capacity

Did you know that for every kilowatt of electricity that is used, about 3 or more of heating and cooling capacity is being given off? The ducted system’s motor yields about 3x the cooling or heating energy than what the compressor actually utilize. The reason for this is because the refrigerant’s shift from liquid to gas then back again is such a smooth process that gives permission to the system to transfer more energy than what the compressor requires to preserve a stable temperature.


Perfectly Fits Your Lifestyle

What’s best with ducted system is how it perfectly fits your lifestyle. Not only does most ducted system allows you to pre-calibrate your timer settings to turn on at you’re a time you scheduled, but for more modern ducted systems, one feature you will definitely enjoy is how you can get it connected to the WIFI so that you can operate your cooling system from anywhere you are with just your smartphone or any device that has internet connectivity.

What’s more with ducted air conditioning is that during the cold months, you can turn this as a heating device which allows you to bring warmth to your home without the additional electric costs.



If you are a person who’s not a fan of visually invasive system such as a split system, we suggest that you pick ducted systems. The major cooling unit is usually found in the roof void and only a small portion can be seen. This gives you more freedom to style any room in the house.


Increased Property Value

Having a ducted system installed in your house increases its value. Ducted systems, even its affordability, is still regarded as extravagance


If you’re looking to have a ducted system installed in your house, send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly. Quick Cool Air Conditioning is Arctick Certified.