Common Air Conditioning Problem: Thermostat

Posted by jaimin

Have you woken up feeling hot in your room today with sweat trickling down your forehead to your neck, and upon checking what is wrong, you’ll find out that your thermostat is zero power.

There’s no doubt you’ll be annoyed if this happens to you. It will cause you panic especially if your air conditioning unit has been functioning perfectly the other night.

The question that will now run through your head is: Will you DIY or is it time to call a technician?

To some, knowing what the problem is before calling the technician is a good idea. The reason they do this is to know what they’ll be dealing firsthand to avoid being duped or prevent unnecessary bills, and today, we’ll be talking about some issues that may have caused your thermostat to break down.


Reset the GCFI Switch

Upon the installation of your air conditioning unit, there is a Ground Fault Circuit Interruption (GFCI) that protects us from electrical shocks from problems in your electrical appliances you use in your home. To reset the GCFI, just switch this off then switch it back on.


Check the Circuit Breaker

Another thing you could examine if trying the above doesn’t work is your circuit breaker.

Check your circuit panel board, the outside unit and inside unit work off various breakers. Ensure the outside breaker isn’t tripped.


Thermostat Programming

Did your thermostat lose its programming? Losing programming is common with old thermostats, if it is, you will have to get this replaced. OR if that is not the case, all you need to do is to reset this.


Blown Capacitor

IF your thermostat is on but the problem is that your compressor or fan is not working, chances are this could be a blown capacitor. A capacitor is a small cylinder-shaped electrical object that is found inside the outside fan unit. Call a technician if you are not comfortable replacing it or if you are truly a DIY fan, you can buy or order this and replace the capacitor yourself.


If trying all these still doesn’t work, then it’s time to call in a technician to have your air conditioning repaired or checked.