What You Need to Know Before Buying An Air Conditioner

Posted by jaimin

Why you need to know some important things before buying an air conditioner is such a practical and probably the most efficient way. Asking the right questions and even getting answers, no matter how many or different they are from another, could lead you to some realisation.

These concepts work even with just buying an air conditioning unit. You may be thinking this is just a simple task, but it’s not! There are some things you need to consider before buying air conditioning units for your home or office which could save you money overtime.


So there are 4 types of air conditioning units:

Window Type Units.

This is the most common type of air conditioning units which resides on a window opening temporarily. If you are living in a place where you have moderate climates, you can go for this unit. It is low cost, but they are mostly built for double hung windows.


Wall Mounted Units.

If you are looking for a more appealing type of air conditioner, we recommend wall mounted units. They are stable, more secured than window types.


Window/Wall Type.

An ideal type of unit if you are renting an apartment as these units can be installed temporarily or permanently.


Portable Air Conditioning Unit.

Suitable if you are looking to move the air conditioning unit from one room to the other as these types are mobile. Easy to store but of course comes with a higher price.


Not satisfied? Talk to us today and we’ll let you know the best air conditioning unit suited for your needs.