Reduce Electricity Bill By Turning Down the Thermostat

Posted by jaimin

Does turning down the thermostat really decrease you energy consumption? This is a widely asked question and therefore, we would like to give our thoughts on it.

Some people, by now, have already realised that turning down the thermostats especially in the winter is vital enough to lower the cost of your electric bill. Not only that, turning down the thermostat has benefit that comes along with it.

Did you know that about 1% of your heating bill is saved for each level you turned down your thermostats during the chilly months? Well, this is as long as you changed the temperature for an 8 hour time or more. Your home loses heat all the more gradually if the temperature is lower. That implies the myth that is revealed to us that warming your home back up to an agreeable or higher temperature discredits the statement that doing this saves energy. So, turn down the thermostat a few degrees and save money.

Here are also some other benefits of lowering the thermostat:

  • Better sleep at night.

The recommended temperature to sleep best at night is at 60-67 degrees.

  • Your favourite plant lives longer.

When plants are cool enough, plants require less water. This means, you won’t have to worry when you need to stay away for vacation.

  • Your refrigerators work less, therefore, more energy savings and less electric bills.
  • Chances of losing weight is higher.

If you set your room temperature to 66-67 degrees, it will cause you to burn about 100 calorie a day and if this goes on, this means you’ll be losing weight in no time!


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